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Thursday, January 4 12:00 AM ET

Rockstar Announces New Game: Stalker

By Michael J. Bertrand

London - Rockstar Games, the controversial game developer behind such titles as "Grand Theft Auto" and "Bully," has announced that they are in the final stages of developing a new title, "Stalker."

"After the success of 'Bully', 'Stalker' seemed like a natural fit," said company Anna Betting.

In the game, the player first selects their target from an extensive list of the "Most Stalkable" celebrities provided only to Rockstar by the editors of Sweaty Lenscap magazine. Alternately, players can choose to create their own stalking target with Rockstar's new Victimizer(tm) system, where the player can both scan in photographs and let the program create a lifelike simulation of the subject, or select just the right hair, body shape, and other features to create the ideal person of their obsessive dreams.

The player then embarks on many mission-based levels of increasing c difficulty, from simple garbage-sifting missions to the game's adrenaline-pounding ending, that Betting hints "involves crashing and ruining a celebrity wedding".

As well as completing the missions, players are also awarded points based on obsession level, degree of alienation of subject, and restraining orders accrued.

Predictably, noted anti-Rockstar activist Jack Thompson has filed strong objections to the game's content. "This game is clearly just a training simulator for criminal activity, and should be banned from being published, distributed, or even thought about, in the interests of freedom. I find this game shameful on every possible level, and so do all decent, rational, sane people like myself."

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In response, Betting replied, "Rockstar Games rejects, in the strongest possible terms, the notion that our video games encourage crimes. If anything, Stalker provides a safe, consequence-free way for people to explore their stalking fantasies. Anyway, the license agreement for the game clears us of any liability."

Stalker is scheduled for a February 14th release date, shortly before Rockstar's spring title, "Homicide: How To Get Away With It".

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