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Tuesday, March 27 12:00 AM EDT

Rejected Ideas for Episodes of Lost

11. In an ironic twist Greg Initiative appears on nearby island, much goofier and free-spirited than uptight Dharma Initiative.
10. Everyone on the island gets infected by the Bubonic Plague and dies.  Next five episodes focus on flashbacks and decomposing bodies.
9. The Broadway musical episode.
8. Another plane crashes into the beach killing the remaining survivors on the island, but creating a whole new set of plane crash survivors.
7. The Others and the survivors set aside their differences for one day for the annual "Lost on an Island" volleyball tournament and BBQ.
6. Hurley eats the baby.
5. It's revealed that the island is just a setting for a gigantic LARP that everyone's a part of, except for Jack.
4. The Harlem Globetrotters get shipwrecked on the island.
3. The women on the island get to do something interesting.
2. Charlie finds a ring and forms a fellowship with Sawyer, Locke and Aragorn.
1. Hurley jumps over shark-filled river in his VW bus.

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This one goes to 11.

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