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Friday, May 4 12:00 AM ET

Trailer Review: 28 Weeks Later

By Brian Briggs


Trailer Quicktime

Robert Carlyle
Rose Byrne

Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Official Site Link
US Opening

May 11, 2007

Rated Not Yet Rated
Genre Zombie Sequel
Explosions 4
Weapons Assault rifle, tanks, fighter jets, machine gun, sniper rifle

Man Quotient

(Explosions + Weapons + Hot Babes - Kisses)/ Minutes

Déjà Vu
28 Days Later
Geek Factor 20%
See Trailer? No
See Movie? No

In the movie, 28 Days Later, a virus that put people into an unending state of murderous rage, ravaged the UK, wiping out most of its population.  I watched it a couple weeks back, and enjoyed it.  It's a good "zombie" thriller with good characters and lots of action. 

Now the sequel, it is 28 Weeks Later.  The ragers, unable to feed themselves have all died off.  The American Army, fresh from success in Iraq, manages the repopulation of London, or at least parts of it. 

The trailer proudly proclaims, "From the producers of 28 Days Later."  Does anyone care who produces a movie?  They might as well say "From the Extras Who Were in 28 Days Later."  No stars and no director return.  It doesn't even have the same writers.  Not a good sign for a sequel is it?

While soldiers clean up the rest of the city, people ride the Half-Life train into the "safe zone" to restart their lives.  Hearing "safe zone" immediately made me think of Iraq. I'm sure will see more obvious parallels in the movie. 

Army Strong
Army Strong!

The first colonizers include a young boy and his sister.  They reunite with their father, but mum probably got the business end of the shovel.  Dad still hasn't recovered.

London is still empty, and the kid is excited by the possibilities.  Unfortunately, the virus lives on.  Who would've guessed?

We see a woman strapped to a gurney and she's showing signs of the infections.  The infection spreads and soon chaos envelops the colonizers.  The Army commander orders a "Code Red" which means that everyone, healthy or infected, must die. 

Of course, that means that our heroes are on the run from the army and the ragers.  As always happens in these type of movies a ragtag group of people must make their way to safety.  One by one they will be killed, until finally only the best looking and most highly paid actors survive. 


After the first half of the trailer, there is a lot of quick-cut scenes.  Some cuts are only a couple frames long, so you get the feeling there won't be much plot, just gore and action.

Ending Prognostication:  The boy and the girl will survive.  I'm not holding out much hope for the dad.  Everyone else in their group dies.  The ending will leave open the possibility for 28 Months Later.

Conclusion on Trailer:  I like the concept of 28 Weeks Later, but the actors are uninspiring.  The trailer introduces some WTF moments like "Why does the army have to kill everyone?" so I'd say this is one to skip.

Conclusion on Movie:  With nobody returning from the original, and a lackluster trailer, I'd say this one has a low probability of being enjoyable.  Rent the original and watch that instead.

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