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Thursday, May 31 12:00 PM ET


By Francisco Rangel

(To the tune of "Gel" by Collective Soul )

i don't need any color
fancy graphics make me sick
tell me how you love your windows
tell me how you love to click
well i just want to type it up

well i just want
my command prompt
to type it up

let's COPY
and let's use DEL
Change Directories
it's DOS shell

i can find out my VERsion
i can print TIME and DATE
tell me how i love to ECHO
tell me i can use RENAME
i just want to type it up

well i just want
my command prompt
to type it up

let's EDIT
erase with DEL
then we CLear the Screen
it's DOS shell

let's DIR now
and FORMAT well
MaKe DIRectories
with DOS shell
let's XCOPY
no windows hell
SET the PATH forever
we used DOS shell

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