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Tuesday, August 7 12:00 AM EDT

Reasons the Internet is Better than School

11. Getting pwned in Warsong Gulch is much less painful than getting pwned by football players.
10. On the Internet, creative spelling appreciated much more.
9. Ride on the schoolbus takes longer than booting up the computer.
8. Getting a comment upmodded on Reddit much easier than getting an A in AP Calculus.
7. Bringing a gun into school can get you suspended, bringing a gun to online games encouraged.
6. Much easier to get people to call you The Incredible Shaft online than at school.
5. Not penalized for making pronouncements without any facts.
4. The hot chicks at school aren't usually naked.
3. On the Internet, nobody cares if you didn't shower that day.
2. Online friends less likely to be judgmental of your mullet.
1. Being drunk at school less tolerated than being drunk online.

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