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Wednesday, October 24 12:00 AM ET

BBspot Mailbag

Now you too can enjoy my Inbox without the annoying spam. Every week I get some amazing e-mail. Some amazing because of the sheer cluelessness of the sender, some because of the time and energy that went into crafting them and some are just simply amazing.


Our story about Microsoft blaming Hollywood for record sales of Halo 3 snagged a few discussion board BBelievers ...

Another blow to Hollywood!


The stuff about Ben Stiller is oh so true.

And finally, it would be complete without BBelievers from diGG (be sure to read all the comments)...

OH SNAP! Hollywood just got told

You go girl!

I have still been getting plenty of requests for money for Esenam Ayele, especially on his MySpace page, but most of them are just sad stories. I may enjoy fooling people with my stories, but I'm not out to kick people when they're down. Therefore, I've added a disclaimer on the MySpace page. I know, I know, I shouldn't be so soft, but if you saw some of these messages, you'd add a disclaimer too.

Familiar Personal

One reader wrote in to say that the personals ad on October 23, 2007 looked awfully familiar...

Date: Oct 23, 2007 3:57 AM
Subject: Oddly Familiar Personals Picture

I was shocked, I tell you, shocked by the face you had chosen to gently mock on the front page of BBspot this morning. For the face of 'sleepysophist' (I suspect not her _real_ name) is none other than Magret, the girlfriend of comic novelist and general wit, Mil Millington, author of the book and web page 'Things my Girlfriend and I have argued about'. In fact, the picture is at the top of the page here:

Warning: many items on this page can induce irrepressible laughter, which may also recur when you are on public transport, leading to odd glances.

Quite why someone would chose to hide behind the face of dangerously mad German is somewhat beyond me, although it must be admitted that I am, in fact, married to a German woman, whose logic occasionally surprises me. Indeed, the reason I first found Mil's page was that my brother thought that I had written it... Would that I had.

Anyway, keep up the good work. You have a marvelous site.

Toodle pip.

Now the question becomes, which of the pictures is real, if either?

BBspot: Mauritius

One BBspotter sent this image from his trip to Mauritius. Good to see the BBspot gear making an appearance around the globe...


Weekly Limerick

The winner of the 2003 and 2006 Geek Limerick contest has volunteered to write a weekly limerick for BBspot. Seth also has a new book coming out that you should take a look at..

From: Seth

Though he can't remain President, Putin
Has made clear that for power he's shootin'.

By becoming Prime Minister,
He can be sinister,
Silencing all those disputin'.

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