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Tuesday, April 1 12:00 AM EDT

Geek Solutions for Global Warming

11. Eliminate the RIAA/MPAA. OK, maybe it doesn't help global warming, but it doesn't hurt either.
10. Complete work on killer robots that will wipe out humanity.
9. Maneuver an asteroid into the Earth knocking it into a slightly higher orbit. As an added bonus, the resulting dust cloud will cause global cooling too.
8. Install giant heat sink and fan in Australia.
7. Invent a time machine to go back and kill Al Gore's father.
6. Gather all the magic users to cast Ice Storm all at once.
5. Instead of driving to work every day, stay home and play games on Xbox 360.
4. Use a particle collider to create a miniature black hole to suck away excess heat.
3. Turn tin foil hats to shiny side out.
2. Move the equator further south.
1. Speed up the orbit of the Earth to get more of a breeze.

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