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Wednesday, June 4 12:00 AM ET

BBspot Mailbag

Now you too can enjoy my Inbox without the annoying spam. Every week I get some amazing e-mail. Some amazing because of the sheer cluelessness of the sender, some because of the time and energy that went into crafting them and some are just simply amazing.


The story on Monday about the "Email Forwarder Killer" getting off snagged a couple BBelievers...

From: Paul
Date: Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 6:50 AM
Subject: True?

Is your email forward killer story true or fantasy? If it is true, I want to forward it on to all my users to try to get them to stop forwarding crap. If it is not true, I don't want to.

I told him that people who forward emails would probably BBelieve the story, so the effect would be the same either way. He agreed. Another BBspotter had the same idea...

From: Bruce
Date: Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:06 AM
Subject: Jury Clears "Email Forwarder Killer" on Grounds of Justifiable Homicide
To: ""

I'm forwarding this to XXXXX, a friend of my wife's who forwards us a dozen things daily. She will either A) get the hint and quit forwarding to us (never will happen) or B) will forward this to all her e-mail forwarding friends and in 2 or 3 days there will be thousands of BBelievers. Either way is a win.

I couldn't agree more.

This next one I'll have to file in the WTF? category...

1 stupid question a year, what is this?

You must click the link to understand why the question is so stupid.

Walking Across Belgium

We've had some comments about Belgium in the last couple Mailbags debating about whether it's possible to walk across Belgium in fifteen minutes. I'll let this email be the last word . . .

From: Todd
Date: Wed, May 28, 2008 at 7:08 PM
Subject: Mailbag link/THE DUTCH!

[J]ust amend your comment to say that the Germans can walk across Belgium in 15mins.



I posted a link a list of "The 8 Annoying People You'll Find at Starbucks." One of the entries on that list is "Manager Who Refuses to Recognize the Words Small, Medium, and Large." That led to an email exchange that ended with the guy from the Star Trek:TNG episode "Darmok" who can only speak in allegories and metaphors ordering coffee at Starbucks...

From: Kristian Werner
Date: Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 9:44 AM
Subject: RE: Re Link - Annoying people at Starbucks
To: Brian Briggs

Barista: Do you mean a Tall?
Dathon: The river Temarc, in winter.
Barista: A Venti? Grande?
Dathon: Zinda, his face black, his eyes red.

A friend and I have talked about a whole line of "Darmok" humor. Maybe this'll be the beginning.

Weekly Limerick

The winner of the 2003 and 2006 Geek Limerick contest has volunteered to write a weekly limerick for BBspot. Seth also has a new book out that you should take a look at..

From: Seth

There once was a Japanese guy,
Whose food disappeared; he didn't know why.
'Twas a gal in the closet,
Which might make one posit
That rent is a little too high.

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