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Wednesday, August 20 12:00 AM ET

BBspot Mailbag

Now you too can enjoy my Inbox without the annoying spam. Every week I get some amazing e-mail. Some amazing because of the sheer cluelessness of the sender, some because of the time and energy that went into crafting them and some are just simply amazing.


The story about people protesting the treatment of hadrons at the LHC got some coverage on other sites, so that always means some BBelievers...

From: Brian
Date: Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 10:24 AM
Subject: Looks like you've got some PETH believers out there already ...

I just googled CERN and PETH for the hell of it and this was the second link .....

Above Top Secret Forum

Thanks to Brian for finding that link. That might be the most concentrated collection of BBelievers ever. And here are some more discussion forums BBelieving...

That girl's got cool handwriting. I've got a feeling she doesn't really care she just wanted to use that catchy protest phrase.

Yeah, her writing looks amazingly like a font.

Oh, whew.. it’s not a serious article and the protestors are obviously doing this tounge-in-cheek… thank goodness.

Yes, obviously.

Someone found an older story about the accuracy of science stories, and wondered where they could find more info on it...

Date: Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 2:20 PM
Subject: "Study Shows over 68% of Science Stories Have Scientific Errors"

I came across your article (dated Monday, January 14, 12:00AM ET) which begins:

"Evanston, IL – A recent joint study by the Columbia School of Journalism and the Department of Physics showed that 68% of science stories had scientific mistakes."

I've been trying to track down the study, and I can't find it published anywhere. Do you know what journal this post published in? I also can't find "Frank Albertson" listed on Columbia School of Journalism's web site as a current full or adjunct faculty member.

Maybe some research on the source of this article would've been more appropriate.

Our story about the new Zork movie swallowed the BBelievers like a lurking grue...

I'll be seeing this opening day!

Me too!

I've got to see a perfect game of Zork.


Even with the low production values of a text-only movie with a voiceover, I still can't see this even breaking even.


Wait, so the movie will just be text scrolling across the screen?


Dammit, they're not going to be able to resist. There's going to be a cgi grue.


I think the idea of making a movie of a text-based adventure game is a misdirected effort, considering that the entire sport of these types of games comes from the choose your own adventure style of play.

This discussion thread started out as a post about the Zork movie then ended up with a BBeliever about our Apple Lisa story...

WHO KEEPS A 25 YEAR OLD RECEIPT??? Come forth packrats!

Beyond Thunderdome

I haven't posted a Mailbag in a while, so this email is about an older link we posted, but it's still funny...

From: Peter
Date: Fri, Jul 4, 2008 at 7:43 AM
Subject: Loss of teeth...

Hey Brian, Liked the Loss of teeth link - brought back (fond?) memories of my trip to West Virginia about 10 years ago - I decided to get a taxi from Charleston to Huntington. After miles of rolling green hills/mountains we descended into a large chemical/industrial area (that wouldn't have looked out of place in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome) that was quaintly named "Nitro". The cab driver asked me if I had any idea why it was named so - after a few nanoseconds I suggested that it was because nitro-glycerine was possibly produced there. He seemed rather taken aback at how speedily I had worked this out - in fact the exclamation was "SH*T! You're smart!"...

"There goes another State secret" I thought to myself.

He'd only lived in WV for about 4 years having moved from Florida - but indeed he was also "dentally-challenged" - to put it mildly!

Weekly Limerick

The winner of the 2003 and 2006 Geek Limerick contest has volunteered to write a weekly limerick for BBspot. Seth also has a new book out that you should take a look at...

Seth has been sending over limericks for many weeks without any Mailbag. Thanks to him you've got many to enjoy now...

From: Seth

Microsoft's geeky founder, Bill Gates,
Has stepped down to see what else awaits.
  Now it's Steve Ballmer's turn,
  And he's going to learn
How life is as someone the world hates.

Dreamworks and Intel now will combine
To make 3-D films, like games online.
  Pretty soon, there will be
  Monsters parts 1, 2, 3,
And part 3.99999

Here's the story; I wish I was lying:
A shock collar for everyone flying.
  If this comes to exist,
 In defense of my wrist,
No more plane tickets will I be buying.

On the quest for a cancer vaccine,
Researchers found tobacco was seen
  As a possible answer
  To help combat cancer.
In other news: Dirt makes you clean.

Now Ted Stevens is back in the news,
For corruption (not Internet views).
  He scammed many a buck,
  But was given dumped luck
When expecting a series of rubes.

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