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Friday, September 26 12:00 AM ET

CD Review: MC Frontalot - Final Boss

By Brian Briggs

Final BossThere aren't a lot of musicians who are geeky enough to qualify for a CD review on BBspot.  A nerdcore rapper who's rapped about Zork, encryption, and the Penny Arcade theme? Yeah, MC Frontalot's qualified.

MC Frontalot's new CD, Final Boss, launches on November 4 (coincidentally the same day as the BBook of Geek (it's a good choice of music to listen along while you're reading)), but if you purchase the CD now you can download the tracks in high-quality MP3, AAC or FLAC formats.

Even without buying the CD, you can download the latest single Wallflowers, and also long teaser tracks of all the other songs.  The lyrics for all the tracks are also available.  You'll definitely know what you're getting. 

The album has fourteen tracks. Ten are new nerdcore songs, two are remixed versions of older Frontalot songs, and two mini "skits." 

The remixed tracks are Listen Close and A Very Unlikely Occurrence.  These are the weakest tracks on the album.  I prefer the originals and won't be adding these to any playlists.

The skits are better than the remixes, but I don't see myself putting them in heavy rotation.  Once or twice is enough.  Wil Wheaton adds to the geekiness of one of the skits, and has a dope rhyme about shellfish.  Then Front rips on his blog. 



MC Frontalot
Wil Wheaton
Jonathan Coulton

Official Site Link
Launch Date

November 4 , 2008

Genre Nerdcore Rap
Geek Factor 100%
Buy CD ? Yes

The rest of the tracks on this album are strong.  I've been listening to them all week.  My favorite is Diseases of Yore which has MCF rapping about get this, diseases of yore.  You never knew consumption or black scurvy could be made into a rap did you?  This track also features a chorus by another Internet music pioneer, Jonathan Coulton.  The combination of two of my favorite artists gave me an instant geekgasm.

MC Frontalot covers topics like gaming, voting machines, cryptozoology and grammar Nazis, par for the course of a nerdcore rapper.

Of course, it helps to be a geek, nerd or whatever you want to call it to enjoy this album, but if you're reading BBspot then you probably fit that demographic.  I wouldn't dismiss this album out of hand if you don't like rap.  I've had a few people tell me that they aren't fans of rap, but they enjoy MC Frontalot.  The humor and hooks of the song, can get anybody's foot tapping.

The quality of production is high.  There are so many guest appearances I thought it was a Jay Z CD.  I highly recommend purchasing this album, along with The BBook of Geek on November 4th.  Supporting geek artists never was so enjoyable.

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