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Thursday, March 26 12:00 AM ET

SyFy Network Changes Name to FUGeeks

By Brian Briggs

New York, NY - The recently renamed SyFY network has decided to change their name once again to FUGeeks, as they felt SyFy didn't make it clear enough to the public that they hated their core audience of geeks.

FUGeeks NetworkNetwork President Dave Howe said, "We seriously pissed off geeks with our comments about basement-dwelling, anti-social nerds, but I think that when the general public hears SyFy they're still thinking geeks. The new name makes it clear that we hated geeks and nerds just like the majority of society. How else are we going to get them to come watch shows like Caprica and the new Stargate SG-99 sitcom?"

Geeks responded with outrage and promptly created an online petition to start a boycott of FUGeeks. Many also vowed to download every episode of Battlestar Galactica on BitTorrent if they hadn't already done so. One commenter on the newly created said, "If that's the way they want to be, I'm going to create a sarcastic T-shirt about them."

Demographic information shows that people describing themselves as "geeks" is on the rise, and that geeks are getting more respect than they have in the past, so the move by FUGeeks might be a mistake. Sociologist Sarah Winkleman said, "Geeks used to rank just above dweebs, but now they've separated themselves from the pack. They are right under taxi drivers and telephone sanitizers now."

Howe wasn't worried by the trends in demographics. "There are still many more non-geeks as there are geeks. Many of these self-described geeks wouldn't even be considered geeks by real geeks. I mean, just because you have a Facebook page doesn't mean you're a geek."

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Industry watchers think this might start a new trend in naming networks. Ben Carmen of Nielsen said, "Everyone's so pissed off with the economy that there's anger in the air. I wouldn't be surprised if FoxNews changed their name to FULibs or CNBC changed to FUJonStewart or FUPoorPeople."

Howe said that FUGeeks narrowly beat out the two alternatives, "Testosterone" and "Nothing To Do With Science-Fiction, Really, We're Serious About That."

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