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Donate to the Make a Geek Happy Fund

aka The Brian Wants a Palm Pre at Launch but Can't Afford it Fund

By Brian Briggs - follow me @


Sorry Excuse for a Cell PhoneIt's embarrassing that as a geek I'm carrying around a cell phone worthy of my mom. I hadn't been a heavy cell phone user, but recently we upgraded to a data and messaging plan. I'm taunted by my phone's inability to open even the simplest Web pages, and stuck to just Twittering using T9.

My use will go up even more when we discontinue our landline to pay less to the much-loved Comcast </sarcasm>. It's hard for me to even emerge from the BBasement with this thing in hand.

I was hoping to get a G1, but we're chained like Leia in a slave girl outfit to to Sprint (but not as sexy). Now my eyes are set on the upcoming Palm Pre. It looks to have all the features I want, and coming out on our network. What's not to like about this?

Here's what, Mrs. BBspot has always been at the top of hierarchy in the cell phone chain here at the Briggs household. Her recently purchased Blackberry Curve makes my discontinued Samsung A640 cry in its sleep. It's also drained the electronics gear budget for the foreseeable future. Stupid Crackberry.

Sad GeekThis is where you come in. You'll remember years ago, that you helped me out getting a new computer. I couldn't believe the support I got back them from BBspotters. The extra cash helped me build a machine that I'm still using today. Thanks again!

Now, I need to build up the the Palm Pre fund before the rumored launch date of May 17th. Sprint hasn't announced a price yet, but it's rumored to be between $150 and $200.

Now you're asking yourself, what do I get out of this? In these tough economic times, that's a very good question. You want a return on your investment. Here's what you'll get for you donation.

  • I'll live blog waiting in line for the Pre on launch day, and give a full unboxing report.

  • I'll give in-depth coverage including a full review of the device from a geek's perspective with BBspot's trademark humor and wit.

  • A current generation phone will keep me more connected, allowing me to update BBspot more often from more places, which means more free content for you (minus your donation).

  • Major increase in ability to Twitter from more locations.

  • Better camera means geekier photos uploaded to TwitPic and the site itself (up close injury photos even!)

  • Give me a +5 to geek happiness and a happier geek means a funnier geek.

  • I'll be able to visit geek conventions without a sense of shame for my outdated phone thus increasing chances of an in-person accidental meeting with me.

  • It'll move to the head of the cell phone hierarchy chart, which is where I should be given that Mrs. BBspot isn't even a geek.

  • That warm feeling inside you get from helping a fellow geek you've never met, but read plenty of his work on the Internet. Isn't anonymous love grand?

GoalI hope I've convinced you that your donation is going to a worthy cause with benefits for you. Click the button below to donate. I'll keep a running tally of the progress toward the goal.

Update 4/30/09: Frankly, I didn't expect to reach the $250 goal at all, let alone to get close so quickly. I've adjusted the goal to add in the really cool Touchstone Charger, and sales tax (which I forgot about the first time around). If this goal gets surpassed, any extra donations will be put toward more Palm Pre goodness. Once again. Thank you all very much!

Update 2 4/30/09: Rocketed past the revised goal. I'm not going to revise the goal upward again unless actual pricing bumps it above. Still accepting donations, and looking for other accessories I can totally geek out with. Thanks again!


Goal may be adjusted to reflect final price of phone, and any other must-have accessories made available at time of purchase. Possibility of another round of donations needed to take care of texting-related injuries after purchse. Offer not valid to my parents, Satan or members of the undead. Donation is not tax-deductible, sorry.



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