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Top 11 Crazy Plans by the MPAA to Make You Pay More for Movies

11. Movies filmed in iVision, which can only be seen with expensive eye implants offered by the MPAA.
10. Coin operated projectors - Audience must keep feeding in the quarters or the movie stops.
9. R-Rating Pass - Pay a fee to get into R-Rated films without a parent or guardian.
8. Replace Blu-Ray with Aqua-Ray, which is essentially the same, but requires a new player and you have to buy the movies again (with bonus "features"). Repeat as needed.
7. DMCA II: Electric Boogaloo
6. Hire thieves to break into houses to steal/damage DVDs and Blu-Ray discs so people will have to buy the movie again.
5. Threaten to kill fan-favorite movie stars if opening weekend box office goals not met.
4. Chance to win a date with an MPAA executive for every movie you pay to see.
3. Pay service that allows you to see movies on your iPhone before it's in theaters for the low, low price of the entire budget of the movie.
2. Clockwork Orange type of device to condition you to become violently ill at the thought of illegally downloading.
1. Filming movies with 5D technology that requires viewers to pay for each dimension.

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This one goes to 11.

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