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Thursday  October 5  9:08 PM EDT

Warez Hut Changes Piracy Policy

By Brian Briggs

Wausau, WI - In a move that has outraged many netizens's Jaysen announced today that the site is changing its Piracy Policy.   The new policy adds the statement, "I'm not going to post any gay-ass games like Daikatana so stop asking," and also adds that, "if you are a government official then you cannot enter this site."

Warez Hut Piracy Policy DebatePiracy advocates are concerned by the larger implications of the move. American Kewl Warez Association (AKWA) President Chad Jestin said, "Who's going to determine what's a gay-ass game and what isn't? Jaysen?   It's a very slippery slope that could deny a lot of gamers access to the games they desire.  What if Jaysen thought Diablo II was a gay-ass game.  What would we do then?

"And why must we discriminate against government officials," continued Mr. Jestin, "Aren't they entitled to kewl warez just as much as any other citizen.   This trend of institutionalized discrimination by the warez community must be stopped."

The AKWA is advocating an opt-out policy for warez sites.  Stating users should have the option to choose if they want to download lame-ass or gay-ass games.  They also believe that all Americans regardless of occupation should be welcome at warez site if the movement is to grow.

Responding to the criticism Jaysen said, "It's my site and I can do whatever the hell I want.  Daikatana is a stupid game and I won't be a part of spreading that waste of bandwidth.  I'm not going to be pressured by the AKWA to let in government officials either, that statement protects me from prosecution, and until this government recognizes the benefits of kewl warez then that statement will stand."aKwA Piracy Policy

To be certain your rights are protected, Mr. Jestin suggests looking for a Piracy Policy on the site and to be completely certain make sure the Piracy Policy has the AKWA seal.

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