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Tuesday  November 14  9:12 AM EST

Cube Assault Thwarted by Phone Call

By Brian Briggs

Mountain View, CA - A fortunate phone call saved Lisa Hsu from a protracted tedious conversation with Nathan Schrock - geeky co-worker.  Nathan and Lisa recall their thoughts during this conversation....

Lisa:   I saw him approaching and I tried to look busy, but unfortunately I had just sat down with my coffee and bagel.  He wasn't fooled.

Nathan:  Nice try. I could tell she was just pretending to be busy, I had just followed her from the cafeteria, so I knew she was vulnerable.  I opened up with 'So did you see Babylon 5 last night?'

Lisa:  When he mentioned Babylon 5 I started to panic, it was bad enough that he spent 10 minutes yesterday reciting Monty Python quotes.  'Bring out your dead, Bring out your dead.'  Ugh!  I started to look for a way to escape.

Nathan:  She had reason to panic, I had blocked her only escape route and I was feeling loquacious.  There was no way out.

Lisa:  I contemplated feigning diarrhea or nausea which wouldn't have been too hard, given I felt both coming on.

Nathan:  She looked like she was getting sick so I went for the kill.  I mentioned the Minbari Ambassador and I thought I heard her yelp.

Lisa:  He said 'minbari" and my intestines twisted.   The room started spinning.  I stared at the monitor to keep from falling off of my chair, and that's when the phone rang.

Nathan:  Her eyes lit up when the phone rang, but I wasn't going to let a phone call stop me.  I was in for the long haul.  I could wait.

Lisa:  He kept standing there while I was on the phone, I had to keep the conversation going.  The customer hung up.  I kept talking.

Nathan:  I suspected that she may just be talking to the dial tone.  I get that a lot.  I wasn't giving up.

Lisa:  I didn't know how much longer I could go on.  I think he knew I wasn't talking to anyone.  The awkwardness began to build.

Nathan:  Damn my pager.  911 from accounting.  Those morons.

Lisa: Sweet Jesus, his pager.  I'm saved!  I'm saved!

Nathan:  I'll be back.


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