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Thursday, December 14 12:01 EST

Safeway Employee Admits
Correct Change Turns Her On

By Bruce Wood

Mountain View, CA - Safeway's internal newsletter 'Giving Our Best' provided evidence of what male shoppers have long suspected - that a pleasant smile from the young woman working the cash register contains more than just friendliness.

Grocery GeekIn a revealing interview, 2-year Safeway employee Janet Thoroughgrove talked frankly about what it's like working the cash register. "The day can sometimes drag a bit and it's natural that you use your imagination to liven the day up a little. If I have a good-looking male customer, sometimes I'll pretend the money he's handing over isn't for his shopping but for something else that I ... did for him, you know?"

"Or if he's bought certain vegetables, I might imagine that it's not a vegetable I'm picking up - plums also work," Thoroughgrove elaborated. "Does it show in my face? I guess - sometimes I can feel myself blushing. Then I just rummage in the bag I'm filling to deflect attention."

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Of greatest encouragement to the large software engineering population of Silicon Valley however is perhaps Thoroughgrove's admission of her greatest turn-on. "When a male customer gives me good change. Say the customer has to pay $6.03 and he gives me $6.10 so I don't have to use up my change so much - well that's nice because it's thoughtful. But say the amount is $6.56 and he's only got a $10 bill, but he gives me $11.60, so I don't have to use my ones and I don't have to use much small change. Well, that's just downright sexy - it's thoughtful and it's intelligent. I can feel myself wanting him right there."

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