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Monday, March 14 12:00 AM ET

MP3 Player Showdown
iPod vs. Dell DJ

By Brian Briggs

Other tech sites will bore you with in-depth "technical details" and performance specs in their product analysis.  At BBspot we pull back from the boring benchmarks to compare the superficialities, and we do it all on a single page. In the digital music player market iPod is the leader. We'll compare Apple's iPod against the Dell DJ to find out if that status of market leader is deserved.


Dell DJiPod - Sounds like something aliens might erupt from or a place where a person would keep a spare glass eye.

Dell DJ - Simple, and to the point. No confusion about what this device does. It plays music. Doesn't show much creativity, but at least thoughts of aliens sucking out your eyeballs don't enter your mind.

Advantage - Dell DJ

Domain Names - Redirects to Apple's product page about the iPod. - Redirects to Dell's product page about the Dell DJ. However, annoying music blares by default on the page.

Advantage - iPod

Crash Testing

Will break if dropped from the top of the Empire State Building...

iPod - Yes

Dell DJ - Yes

Advantage - Tie

Google Fights

I'll look cooler with an iPod - 34,900 results


I'll look cooler with a Dell DJ - 610 results

Looking cooler goes to the iPod.


Some coked-out frat boy wants to steal my iPod - 2 results


Some coked-out frat boy wants to steal my Dell DJ - 0 results

Your Dell DJ is safer from coked-out frat boy


iPod - 46.9 million results


"Dell DJ" - 295,000 results

For sheer volume, the iPod wins.


Adolf Hitler loved his iPod - 436 results


Adolf Hitler loved his Dell DJ - 165 results

Sure, all the Hollywood hipsters love their iPods, but apparently so did Hitler. That's not an association I want. Dell DJ wins.

Tie breaker...

iPodThe crappy music I like will sound better on an iPod - 115,000 results


The crappy music I like will sound better on a Dell DJ - 9,200 results

Advantage: iPod

Random Number Generator - Best of 101

The random number generator at was used to generate 101 random 1s and 2s. By virtue of being the number one music player, the iPod was assigned one and the Dell DJ was assigned two.

iPodiPod - 1

Dell DJ - 2

Results: 58-43

Advantage - iPod


The iPod proves worthy of its top spot by beating the Dell DJ by a score of 3-1 with 1 tie and wins our Technical Award of Excellence.

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