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Thursday, January 26 12:00 AM ET

Horde Start World of Warcraft Charity

By Brian Briggs

San Mateo, CA - A group of max level Horde characters have pooled their cash to start a charity, Gamers Against No Kash, for disadvantaged gamers who cannot afford the World of Warcraft subscription fee.

Horde"Many gamers are turned off from Warcraft, because of the monthly fee. This constrains the supply of low-level character that we can kill with our epic gear," said Austin Ecker, founder of the charity. "My Horde guild, Gankfest America, feels it's our duty to open our hearts, so we can then open the bowels of lowbies with our Turtle Swords of Neverending Pain."

The charity does come with a few strings attached. The players must join the chosen Player Vs. Player (PvP) realm, and they must also make themselves available for killing at the request of any Gankfest America member.

"These people will get free access to World of Warcraft, and our guild members will get the joy of one-shotting them at the most inopportune moment."

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Josh Marriott of Orlando, Florida was a lucky recipient of the charity. "I'm so thankful to G. A. N. K. I couldn't afford to play World of Warcraft without them. Sure, I can't get anywhere, because I keep getting killed by horde every thirty-seven seconds, but at least I can pretend to have fun."

The charity will fund subscriptions for up to six months, or until the player's character can't be killed in one hit.

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