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Wednesday, August 16 12:00 AM ET

Microsoft Releases OS Developer Tycoon

By Ima Fish

Redmond, WA – Following Microsoft's successful line of gaming simulators, including Flight Simulator, Train Simulator and the Zoo Tycoon series, the software giant announces the latest in high-intensity simulation action: OS Developer Tycoon.

Game BoxIn the game the player takes on the exciting role of a software developer creating an operating system called Vista. As in Microsoft's other simulators, the focus is on building a realistic portrayal of the action. Thus, the player will experience strict deadlines, addictions to caffeine and amphetamines, sleep and light deprivation, and even employment termination if the work does not meet expectations.

New players who join the game will be given brief tutorials on both the C++ and .Net programming languages. Afterwards, the player will be given specific tasks from virtual bosses that will need to be completed before players can move up to higher levels. To make it as realistic as possible, each player will face an ever-changing group of bosses who will give contradictory and seemingly confused assignments. Satisfactory completion of the tasks will reward players with virtual access to the soda machine, use of employee hammocks, or even visits with their real life friends or family.

Microsoft game developer Tom Schultz admits the game is challenging and that it "has a steep learning curve for players." But he also added that the "hard work players put into it will more than make up for all the benefits we'll receive."

Players will be able to enjoy the finished operating system by buying a copy of the Vista Operating System when it's released. Microsoft also plans on releasing XBox 360 Game Developer Tycoon and Office Suite Developer Tycoon in the spring of 2007.

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The price of OS Developer Tycoon will be $49.99, plus a monthly subscription charge of $19.99 to access online work assignments. It will be rated T for Teens to comply with federal and state child labor laws.

System requirements:
Windows XP Professional
Multimedia PC with an Intel or AMD dual core CPU
1 TB of available hard disk space, preferably in a RAID-5 configuration
Quad-speed or higher CD-ROM drive
256 MB 3D DirectX10 or later
Broadband Internet access required for subscription service
Mandatory 80+ hours of time per week to devote to the game
Licensed copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional

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