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Man Sells Daughter to Buy Son a PS3;
Mom Sells Son to Buy Daughter a Wii

By Brian Briggs

Little Rock, Arkansas – The inflated costs of the new gaming consoles have forced many parents to extreme measures to get their children the latest offerings from Nintendo and Sony. Some reports have people paying over $3000 for a PlayStation 3. Other reports show people camping out for days to be the first to get a Wii. However, they pale in comparison to the tragic story of Marge and Frank Young.

The Youngs had eleven-year-old twins, a son Jim and a daughter, Della. Jim wanted a PlayStation 3 and Della wanted a Wii. The parents, because of layoffs at the chicken plant, were too poor to afford either. However, they didn't want to disappoint their kids.

Frank, who loved his son more than anything, decided to sell his daughter into the Asian sex trade to raise money to buy a PlayStation 3.

Unknown to him, at the same time his wife, Marge, was selling their son to hustlers in Los Angeles to get money to buy a Wii for their daughter.

After returning home from their prospective sales with smiles on their faces and the latest consoles under their arms, the parents realized their tragic mistake. They had a Wii and a Playstation 3, but no children to play with them.

"I had mixed feelings," said Mr. Young. "I was touched that my wife was willing to sell our son to get a Wii for our daughter, but I was pissed off that I had a PS3 and no son to play it with. After a few hours playing Twilight Princess on the Wii, I perked right up though," said Mr. Young.

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Mrs. Young, however, was furious, "I'm so angry with Frank for selling Della. Now, some perverted Thai businessman will get to see the look on her face on Christmas morning instead of me."

Two weeks later they were forced to sell their consoles to make bail on charges that they sold their kids.

"No kids and no consoles. It's a tragedy all around," said Mr. Young.

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