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Wednesday, April 11 12:00 AM EDT

Sixth Annual Geek Limerick Contest

About BBspot

By Magus Dethen

The BBlog is a great thing to read
To see if Brian is in need
Or about that family he's got
But the reason it's is sought
Is to find out the next ways he'll bleed

By Michael Coyne

Brian's lost the book lead to his daughter,
Now that she's started the fifth Harry Potter.
She's reading so fast,
She went blazing right past,
And Brian's stuck on "Jack & Jill Fetch Some Water"

By Robert Hass

Once again it's the Patty's Day season,
A fact given now as the reason,
For our limericks so pretty,
Both geeky and witty,
Each striving to be judged most pleasin'.

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