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Monday November 5 12:00 AM ET

Phone Showdown
Apple iPhone vs. Google Gphone

By Brian Briggs

The iPhone has been out for months, but the Gphone doesn't exist yet. That might be a problem for other sites, but not here. Our unique methodologies don't rely on boring technical details, or mind-numbing specifications. We think that actually having the product could cloud the judgment of the reviewer.


GphoneiPhone - Exactly what you'd expect from Apple, but not very creative.

Gphone - Google hasn't even chosen this name, but it's what we've got to go with now. This name could lead to the entertaining review title of "Gphone Hits the G-Spot."

Advantage - Gphone

Domain Names - At launch the domain directed to another phone site, but now the URL takes you to Apple's iPhone page. It took some time, but that's how it should work. - Takes you to Globalphone Corporation's Web site. That might be a problem if Google goes with the Gphone name. Fortunately, Google has enough money to buy any company it wants at this point, so it can be easily remedied.

Advantage - iPhone

GphoneAlphabetical Order

Gphone - First

iPhone - Second

Advantage - Gphone

Google Fights

Normally we compare the two products on Google, but one of these products comes from Google. We want to remove even the appearance of bias, so we used Yahoo instead.

The best two out of three wins...

The iphone exists - 5,230,000 results

The gphone exists - 84,000 results

The iPhone uses its existence to win this one.

Winner: iPhone

The iphone is a destroyer of worlds - 156,000

The gphone is a destroyer of worlds - 94

You better be careful where you point your iPhone.

Winner: Gphone

iPhoneThe iphone cures pancreatic cancer in minutes - 464

The gphone cures pancreatic cancer in minutes - 17

If you're at risk for pancreatic cancer, then the iPhone should be your choice.

Winner: iPhone

Advantage: iPhone

Superhero Features

Can the phone impart any superhero powers to the owner?


iPhone - No

Gphone - No


GphoneiPhone - No

Gphone - No


iPhone - No

Gphone - Yes

Advantage: Gphone

Random Image of Willy Wonka


Advantage - iPhone

Virtual Coin Flip - Best of 11

The virtual coin flipper was used at I chose the Eucratides - Silver Tetradrachm - Bactria Indo-Sythican Greek Kingdom coin.

iPhoneiPhone - Heads

Gphone - Tails

Results: T-T-T-T-H-H-H-H-H-T-H

Advantage: iPhone


The iPhone narrowly beats out the Gphone by a score of 4-3, but this may face reexamination when the Gphone gets a name and exists. Until then, the iPhone wins its second Technical Award of Excellence.

See our other showdowns.

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