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Wednesday, May 7 12:00 AM ET

Twitter Vs. Pownce

By Brian Briggs

At BBspot we don't worry about boring technical specifications or mind-numbing growth figures when doing our comparisons. We leave those tedious details to other sites who are more concerned with accuracy than entertainment. In the end our awards are just as worthless as theirs, so why not have some fun with it. For this showdown, messaging / microblogging / overhyped services Twitter and Pownce face off. If you're still reading this introduction you really should improve your Web page scanning skills. We put images and bolded things for a reason, you know. Get on with it already.


Pownce - It's going to jump on top of you, LOOK OUT!!!

PownceTwitter - At least it's not Twitr, but that's about all you can say for it. One of the most annoying names since Flooz.

Advantage - Pownce

Best Anagram

Twitter - Wert Tit (only)

TwitterPownce - Cow Pen

Advantage - Twitter

Google Fights

We compare these two services with some randomly generated phrases to see which comes out on top...

The best two out of three wins...

People on Twitter are annoying - 262,000 results

People on Pownce are annoying - 66,100 results

Twitter loses.

Winner: Pownce

Kevin Rose started Twitter - 473,000

Kevin Rose started Pownce - 93,300

Inaccurate but very telling...

Winner: Twitter pwns Pownce

I'm unemployed because of Twitter - 83,700

I'm unemployed because of Pownce - 2,650

We know who's to blame for the flagging economy...

PownceWinner: Pownce

Advantage: Pownce

MC Hammer

Stop... Twitter time.

TwitterStop... Pownce time.

Advantage: Twitter

Favorite Superhero

Twitter - Robin

Pownce - Spider-Woman

Advantage - Tie

Virtual Coin Flip - Best of 11

The virtual coin flipper was used at I chose the Antoninus Pius - Bronze Sesterius - Roman Empire coin.

Twitter - Heads

Pownce - Tails

TwitterResults: H-H-H-H-T-H-T-H-T-H-T

Advantage: Twitter


Despite its larger user base, Twitter barely defeats Pownce 3-2 with one tie and wins the BBspot Technical Award of Excellence.

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