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Thursday, October 14 12:00 AM ET

Showdown: Housing Bubble vs. Internet Bubble

By Brian Briggs

Now that the housing bubble is bursting, I think it would be a good time to compare the Internet bubble of the late '90s to the housing bubble of today. I know geeks are worried that the housing bubble may overshadow the Internet bubble. It's following so close on the heels of the Internet bubble, that it may be getting some compound effects which give it an unfair advantage. We'll cut through all the technicalities and compare the two in one of our patented (not really) showdowns.


Housing Bubble - Sounds like something you put around your house if you've got a rare immune system disease. Wasn't John Travolta in the movie?

Internet Bubble - Sounds light and airy like it doesn't even exist except in the ether.

Advantage - Internet Bubble

Best Anagram

Housing Bubble - Bunghole Bi-Bus

Internet Bubble - Burnt Teen Bible

This one's a close match up for me. Both are funny. Both are controversial. I'm going to go with the bunghole bi-bus though.

Advantage - Housing Bubble

Google Fights

We compare these spokespeople with some randomly generated phrases to see which comes out on top...

The best two out of three wins...

The housing bubble brought on economic armageddon - 12,200 results

The Internet bubble brought on economic armageddon - 9,100 results

It's a close fight, but the housing bubble is more likely to bring on economic armageddon (that's not a good thing btw).

Winner: Internet bubble

Housing Bubble just stole your girlfriend - 6,780

The Internet bubble drank my milkshake - 13,300

I like milkshakes and want to drink mine...

Winner: Housing bubble

The housing bubble caused world war 2 - 293,000

The Internet bubble caused world war 2 - 386,000

The real reason the Germans invaded Poland, to get their hands on all those Flooz bucks...

Winner: Housing bubble

Advantage: Housing bubble

Gave Rise To...

Internet Bubble - Flooz, Google, Netscape, housing bubble

Housing Bubble - Foreclosure scams on infomercials

Advantage: Internet Bubble

Virtual War - Best of 7

The virtual card drawer was used at I chose to draw two cards. The first card was for the Internet bubble the second for the housing bubble.

Draw 1

Internet Bubble - 6D

Housing Bubble - 2H

Draw 2

Internet Bubble - 6C

Housing Bubble - JC

Draw 3

Internet Bubble - KS

Housing Bubble - AH

Draw 4

Internet Bubble - AH

Housing Bubble - 8D

Draw 5

Internet Bubble - 7D

Housing Bubble - 2S

Draw 6

Internet Bubble - AH

Housing Bubble - 8H

Draw 7

Internet Bubble - 6C

Housing Bubble - 9C

Advantage: Internet Bubble 4-3


The Internet bubble wins 3-2. Some may decry this as an unfair comparison as the housing bubble has yet to run its course. However, I wanted to do this before the remaining banks comes and repossesses my house.


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