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Monday, April 13 12:00 AM ET

Smartphone Showdown:
iPhone vs. Palm Pre

By Brian Briggs follow me @

Other tech sites will bore you with in-depth "technical details" and performance specs in their product analysis.  At BBspot, we're not concerned with facts and figures. You can't trust numbers anyway. Don't get me started about 13,427.

This time we compare the latest "iPhone killer," the Palm Pre, with the phone it wants to kill, Apple's iPhone. Will the iPhone continue to make people overspend for their data plans, or will the Pre empty your wallet? Read on to find out which one will reign supreme...


iPhoneiPhone - Apple sticks with the same name despite a new challenger. Relying on the i+device formula that has worked so well for their pod business. It's boring, but it's worked so far.

Pre - It's short and alliterative, but that's about all it has going for it. In my mind I keep wanting to add an -us at the end, to make it a hybrid phone.

Advantage - iPhone

Palm PreDomain Names - A loveley domain squatter site. - Redirects to the Palm site.

Advantage - Palm Pre

Palm PreSay It in Reverse

enohPi - I'm surprised Apple didn't realize how stupid it sounds backward. Poor planning on their part.

erP - A manly belch for the ladies to enjoy.

Advantage - Palm Pre

Google Fights

The best two out of three wins...

Apple iPhone fanboys are annoying - 43,600 results

Palm Pre fanboys are annoying - 35,100 results

Winner: Palm Pre

The iPhone confers magical powers - 3,870 results

The Pre confers magical powers - 62,500 results

Winner: Palm Pre

Palm PreiPhone and zebra and rutabaga and coccyx and jellyfish and Arthur Dent - 1

Pre and zebra and rutabaga and coccyx and jellyfish and Arthur Dent - 106 results

Winner: Palm Pre

Even though it's not even out yet, the Palm Pre sweeps the Google fights.

Advantage: Palm Pre

Cylon Technology

Palm PreDo either of these phones incorporate Cylon technology that will eventually evolve into beings that will attempt to wipe out the human race?

iPhone - Yes

Pre - No

Advantage: Palm Pre

Best Anagrams

iPhoneTo be fair I'll use the company name too, otherwise Pre doesn't stand a chance.

Apple iPhone - Pineapple Ho, Alien Hep Pop, Penal Pipe Ho, Pale Hip Peon

Palm Pre - Lamp Rep, Lap Perm

Advantage: iPhone

Virtual Coin Flip - Best of 11

iPhoneThe virtual coin flipper was used at I chose the East German 5 Mark for its rounded industrial design:

iPhone - Heads

Pre - Tails

Results: T-H-H-H-T-T-T-H-H-T-H

Advantage: iPhone


It was a close battle, but the Palm Pre proves it will be an iPhone killer as long as it can stay out of prison for murder. With the victory the Palm Pre wins the coveted BBsopt Technical Award of Excellence.

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