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Thursday, May 14 12:00 AM ET

Apple Releases Look At Me App to Counter Palm Pre Hype

By Brian Briggs


Cupertino, CA - Apple released an application to counter the growing hype about the Palm Pre, and to make iPhone users feel superior to all other smartphone users.

The app, called "Look at Me!" turns on the microphone and uses voice recognition technology to listen for any instances of "Palm Pre" being spoken. When the key phrase is detected, the iPhone begins to chirp "Look at me. Look at me." Continued detection of the phrase will raise the volume on the iPhone app, and bring up comforting phrases on the screen like, "Copy and paste is overrated" and "Keyboards are for the proletariat."

Unfortunately, the application cannot be active while any other apps are running, so Look at Me cannot be used while talking on the phone, or reading email.

The app is free in the App Store and will automatically be included in the next iPhone update.

"We know that iPhone users are becoming a bit uncomfortable with all the attention being given to the Palm Pre, and that's why we made this app," said programmer of the application, Rex Neuvirth. "Clearly the iPhone is the superior phone, but it doesn't hurt to remind people."

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Neuvirth denied that the application would suggest smashing a Pre if it was detected in the vicinity. "Even if we had that technology, I doubt most iPhone users would have the strength to lift a hammer, let alone be able to swing it with enough force to smash a Pre," said Neuvirth.

At Palm the app is called "iAttentionWhore" by employees. An executive in charge of the Pre launch said he was not surprised by the move. "Apple won't admit it publicly, but they are very threatened by the Pre. I wouldn't be surprised to see Palm Pre emulator apps in the app store soon."

The Palm Pre will be release on June 6 and the Look at Me application is available now.

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