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Monday, July 20 12:00 AM ET

Eight-Hour World of Warcraft Movie to Feature Long Flight Scenes for Bathroom Breaks

By Brian Briggs


Hollywood, CA – Sam Raimi, the director attached to the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, confirmed that the movie he envisions will incorporate many familiar elements from the game into the movie including cross-continental flights for viewers to take bathroom breaks, and plenty of thorium mining.

Said Raimi, "An eight-hour movie featuring lots of grinding for gold and experience will require some intermissions.  Even the heartiest of bladders can't last that long.  Instead of just putting up a lame intermission sign, we've adapted one of the most breathtaking parts of the game, cross-continental gryphon flights, as the intermission.  Warcraft addicts with years of in-game training will know what to do at this point.  We won't have to tell them."

The director said he can already picture the epic battle scene at the climax of the movie where several "purples" drop for the main characters. 

Raimi was tight-lipped about other aspects of the movies, but did let slip that mining scenes would be prominent.  "Nothing is more exciting that seeing a Dwarf swing a pick-axe," he said.

Critics noted that the history of movie adaptations of video games is filled with box office bombs, and didn't see any reason for World of Warcraft to break that trend.  "Only hardcore fans will be willing to sit through eight hours of film, even with intermissions," said film critic Howard Fogarty of Daily Movie Critic.  "How many people have that much time in a day to sit around in front of a movie screen for that long."

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In response Blizzard, the creator of World of Warcraft, reports that eight million people have registered to play the game.

"We've got a potential audience of millions that's been training for this movie for years.  They're willing to fork out their hard-earned cash every month to sit in front of their computers.  We expect a lot of repeat business on this film as well," said Blizzard director of marketing Vaughn Ito.

The movie is expected to be released in the summer of 2012.

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