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Wednesday, August 12 12:00 AM ET

Wizards of the Coast Taps Stephenie Meyer to Write Monster Manual III

By Brian Briggs follow me on Twitter.


Renton, WA - Yesterday Loren Greenwood, President and CEO of Dungeons and Dragons maker Wizards of the Coast, announced that the company had agreed to a deal with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer to create Monster Manual III for the 4th edition of the game.

"Ms. Meyer has shown an ability to create new and exciting ways to envision traditional monsters. We wanted to bring that new way of thinking to the Dungeons and Dragons universe," said Greenwood. "Attaching Ms. Meyer to D & D will put the game in front of a whole new audience of game players. That can only be good."

Meyer felt excited about creating a whole new realm of monsters for the game. "The most joyful time writing the Twilight series was when I transformed the vampire and werewolf mythos into something exciting and new. No longer were vampires tethered to the legends of the past," said Meyer. "I can't wait to do the same thing with dragons, trolls and purple worms."

The book subtitled Stephenie's Sanctum, will offer players new and updated monsters to encounter. One idea for an entirely new creature is the Uniman. "I've got this idea for a half-hunk man, half-unicorn creature that shoots scorching rainbow beams out of his eyes," said Meyer.

In addition to the normal stats such as HP initiative modifiers, creatures in Stephenie's Sanctum will also be given a new attribute called the "Sparkle Factor." This stat ranges from -10 to +10, and determines how bright the creature sparkles in the sunlight. For instance a creature with a sparkle factor of +10, like the bone devil, will blind any creature who dares attack it in direct sunlight.

Wizards did release some text from Meyer's description of the classic human zombie:

The zombie strides confidently across the lands. Denied love because of his hideous leathery smell, the zombie longs to eat the hearts of fair maidens. Zombies are muscular creatures with excessive hairiness. They have dark smoldering eyes, and usually sport a goatee or other sexy facial hair. Sparkle Factor +5

The book will be available in the fourth quarter of 2009 with preorders starting in late September.

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