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Wednesday, March 31 12:00 AM ET

FBI Agents Seize Weapons, Bomb-making Plans in Raid on Geek Militia Compound

By Brian Briggs follow me on Twitter or Buzz.

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Palo Alto, CA - In a midnight raid of three homes, FBI officers arrested three members of the geek-militia organization called The Nuclear Option and seized a multitude of weapons, plans for building explosives and other implements of terror.

The FBI has been monitoring the group for months now after a tip by neighbors that said their "Internet had been slow for weeks."

Spokesperson for the FBI, Diane Tennenbaum said, "The members of this group were engaged in activities that threatened the security of the United States. We found detailed plans of siege weapons in all the homes. Our computer experts found detailed research on explosive materials on one member's hard drive. Another member spent an incredible amount of time on physics web sites. As you know, physics can be used to build atomic bombs."

Agents were seen removing skin-tight green suits with white balls attached to them. One agent speculated that these suits were going to be used to "defeat airport security scanners." Later, another agent walked out with what appeared to be a bucket of miniature figures that were "probably used to plan their attacks."

The lawyer for Blake Hodgkins, a member of the domestic terror group, defended his client's actions, "This is all a big mistake. The men are working on a new game for the Xbox 360. At one stage in the game players can use catapults to throw atomic warheads at their opponents. We needed the research to create accurate models."

Tennenbaum dismissed Hodgkins' defense, "We found enough computer equipment inside the house to model a nuclear explosion, I think. Tell me, does a game developer need that much computing power?"

The Nuclear Option is just one of a growing group of geek militias around the country. Some spend their days training in military tactics using online games, others meet secretly in basements to stage mock battles with authorities. Citizens should not be worried as all these groups are under surveillance by the Department of Homeland Security.

The alleged domestic terrorists will be held without bail at an undisclosed federal holding facility until charges are filed.


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