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Tuesday, February 3 12:00 PM EST

IdSoftware Ready to Release MyDoom3 Virus-Game

By Francisco Rangel

Santa Monica, CA - MyDoom has outpaced SoBig.F as the most quickly spreading virus of all time. Hardcore virus followers are eagerly awaiting the release of MyDoom 3 by idSoftware.

The year is 2095. The world has been overrun by idiots who still open suspicious attachments.
And only you can stop them.

So far, only the alpha version of the virus has been previewed at the VirDex virus convention whetting the appetites of Internet ne'er-do-wells everywhere. Id promises the virus-game in its final version will use up all the memory on the motherboard, video card, hard drive and CPU caches while overloading the CPU with instructions and rendering the computer unusable.

Many companies have turned to viral marketing, but id has taken it a step further with viral distribution. They plan to distribute the game as an e-mail attachment to a list of lucky people whose e-mail address was obtained from the Internet using an advanced address-nabbing spider. The attachment is the installer for the game, and when executed, it sends itself to anyone in that person's address book, and then continues to install the game. Rumors that the installer also launches a DOS attack on Valve’s servers are still unconfirmed.

The game places the player in a pseudo-futuristic world in which everything is run by a giant mainframe, which has become the target of an e-mail virus that has been spreading over the WWWW (Wireless World Wide Web). All citizens of this world have had PDAs implanted on their forearms, which they use to surf the net and check their e-mail. Using this to its advantage, the virus takes over the victims' body, turning them into deranged killers bent on destroying the mainframe.

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Of course, without the power of a mainframe the game will immediately crash the player’s system.

" We began developing this game after the I Love You virus hit the web," explained Matthew Kerpin, lead programmer for MyDoom3. "The game was originally going to be called ILoveYou2, but when we had a beta of the game, nobody was talking about that virus anymore. Because of a budget cut, we had to stop development on the program. I tried to get them to start up again when Sircam came around, but management ignored my pleas until it was too late. We finished the game, but nobody cared about Sircam anymore. But now the MyDoom virus is out and the game is finished, it seems only natural to rename it, change a few title images, and redesign the box."


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