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Monday, April 10 12:00 AM ET

New Starforce DRM Uses CD Made from Plastic Explosives

By Brian Briggs

Starforce, a company which creates copy protection software, released a new DRM product which is a CD created from plastic explosives. Representatives from the company claim it is their most effective piracy prevention device yet.

"Not only does this protect the software from being copied, but it also prevents the copier from ever copying anything again. If we're lucky we'll also take out his hacker brother and maybe a few pirate friends too," said Starforce director of marketing Simon Weasly.

The CD works like any other CD except it explodes when any infringing activity takes place. According to the Starforce licensing agreement infringing activity includes but is not limited to: copying the protected CD, using the protected CD on more than one computer, visiting Google and searching for "warez", burning a music CD, inserting a blank CD, or calling your Senator to complain.

A FAQ on the company's website provides further explanation:

What if I want to make a back up copy of a game that I've bought, because my kids sometimes scratch or break the original CDs?

This activity is not allowed and will result in your computer exploding. Please make sure your children are not around when this happens. Our PR department would have a hard time spinning that positively.

I never violated your terms yet my computer exploded leaving me without the lower half of my body. How could this happen?

Unfortunately, this is a complex piece of software and isn't perfect. A patch should be out shortly to correct this problem.

The CD drive's laser works as the triggering device while the computer case becomes the shrapnel. "It's effective at protecting intellectual property while also reducing the pirate population," said Weasly.

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Advocates for computer users say that blowing up computers and maiming or possibly killing pirates goes "too far." However, the recent Freedom from Piracy Act passed by Congress shows that legislators disagree.

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