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Thursday, April 24 12:00 AM ET

BBspot Labs: Seven Ways Science Can Improve Your Gas Mileage

By Brian Briggs

With gas prices increasing daily many people are wisely turning to science to help stretch their gas dollars. We've compiled the best of these tips and present them to you now.

  • The Slider - Slick tires on snow and ice reduces friction and therefore the loss of energy through the creation of heat. Switching to bald or near-bald tires in the winter should significantly increase fuel efficiency. It's a lot of fun too.
  • It Sucks - Stick your hand out your car window going 70 mph and you can see the force of wind drag. Driving in a vacuum, however, negates this wind resistance and increases gas mileage. Do it as much as possible.
  • It Blows - Container ships have begun using the power of the wind to reduce fuel costs crossing the seas by installing a sail. Kits with a fifteen foot mast and sail make it easy to realize these same fuel gains in your car or SUV.
  • It's Sticky - Try adding a bottle maple syrup to your gas tank to increase your fuel's viscosity. Slowing the flow makes your fuel last longer. Thank you Canada.
  • The Power of the Metric System - Speaking of Canada, buy a car from Canada or Europe. They use the metric system and kilometers are shorter than miles meaning you don't need to travel as far.
  • Lighten Up - Friction caused by the tires on the road wastes energy through heat. Try to reduce the tire-to-road contact as much as possible by inflating your tires with helium or driving on two tires instead of four. Painting your car orange with a confederate flag on the side can't hurt either.
  • Your Magnetic Personality - Wrap wire around your car and attach the ends to your battery. This will turn your car into a giant electromagnet. This will attract you to the car in front of you. Most useful in stop and go traffic.

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