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Wednesday, July 2 12:00 AM ET

Geek Replacements for Tired Movie Clichés

By Brian Briggs

At BBspot we think that everything could be improved with a bit of extra geekiness. In that vein, we've taken some common movie clichés and come up with geeky alternatives we'd like to see.

Movie Cliché: Any bomb with a timer that needs to countdown will have a clear, easy to read LED display.

Geek Replacement: Bomb timers will countdown in binary using a series of dots and dashes. Only the geek will be able to understand how much time is left.

Movie Cliché: Hero walks nonchalantly toward the camera while a giant explosion rocks the background.

Geek Replacement: Hero calculates distance at which he should be walking nonchalantly from explosion to avoid any possible debris or heat wave, based on amount of explosives, gravity of current planet, air density, and many other factors, then runs like hell to that distance.

Movie Cliché: Shot-several-times-and-left-for-dead villain returns once again to attack the heroes. In top shape, we might add.

Geek Replacement: Villain must roll a twenty-sided die. Anything below a nineteen on his saving throw will result in the end of the movie.

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Movie Cliché: Hero can guess the password on any computer system within three tries.

Geek Replacement: Evil geniuses will be required to use much stronger passwords. Hero will have to code a dictionary attack script in Perl, which will take a couple of weeks to find the password.

Movie Cliché: Any surgically replaced body part is invariably evil or has special powers transferred to it's host.

Replacement: Organ donor cards should include the character's alignment to allow matching of evil body parts to evil amputees and so forth.

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