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Thursday, December 21 12:00 AM ET

Leisure Suit Larry to Exploit Wii Technology

By Brian Ashe

Los Angeles , CA - Sierra will release what they think will be the most innovative use of the new "Wiimote" used on the immensely popular Wii from Nintendo. They plan to release a new episode of the cult favorite "Leisure Suit Larry" that will use the Wii controller's unique features to create a compelling new use of the device.

Leisure Suit LarryLarry has been featured in multiple episodes of the game as a forty-something, balding man trying to seduce young and attractive women. While the popularity of the franchise has varied over the years the graphics have always improved. The game definitely earns its "M" rating.

In the new release, "Leisure Suit Larry: Upstanding Citizen," the Wiimote will be placed into a strap-on harness for a whole new angle on the game. Now you won't only have to get the women to agree to a little bump-and-tickle, you will also have to please them enough that they don't lose interest.

With the Wiimote strapped firmly on your hips, you must thrust and gyrate in a "pleasing" manner. For the sexually inept, your conquest just may fail and she will fall asleep, turn the TV on or just get up and leave. Those that you satisfy will earn you libido points and help you as you go along. But enough bad reviews and the girls will be laughing and pointing at you as you walk by.

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Beta testers for the new release have had nothing but positive reviews so far. "Other than my mom wondering why the sofa cushions are such a mess, there is no downside to this game," said one enthusiastic player.

Another said, "No wonder I can't keep a girlfriend. I had no idea that was how it was supposed to work."

One thing is certain; this is just the beginning to new creative uses for the Wii and its controllers.

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