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Thursday, July 19 12:00 AM ET

Speculations on the Day when Firefox Passes Internet Explorer in Usage

By Brian Briggs

Mountain View, CA – Recent surveys in Internet usage have shown that the open source browser, Firefox, has been making significant gains on Internet Explorer in market share. This has lead many Firefox users to begin preparing for The Foxture, or the day when Firefox finally passes Internet Explorer.

Many have speculated on what will happen on that day, and several theories have been circulating on the message boards and chat rooms.

Evan Nicholson from Santa Monica thinks he'll be swept away to a Nirvana. He said, “On that day the Flying Spaghetti Monster will whisk me away to Flying Spaghetti Heaven in a Firefox-shaped spaceship. I just hope my paladin hits level 70 before that happens.”

Others, such as Bob Taylor from Ann Arbor, Michigan, think that will be the day that Microsoft will shut down operations. “How can Microsoft continue operations knowing that more people are using Firefox than Internet Explorer? Bill Gates will probably pass out the Kool-aid, and there'll be a big clean up at Redmond,” Taylor said.

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The people at the Mozilla Foundation know one thing that will happen on that day: the biggest party the planet has ever seen. Francis Hibbard, the director of the organization, said, “It'll be bigger than New Year's Eve at Time's Square and the Super Bowl combined. We've already started accumulating fireworks.”

Little doubt remains that the day will come, it's just a question of when. As Firefox users prepare to celebrate, Internet Explorer users face the crushing reality of being in the minority. When asked how she felt about that eventuality, Jessica Wu, a long-time Internet Explorer user, said, “Huh?” Then went back to playing Club Penguin.
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