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Monday, March 3 12:00 AM EDT

Second Annual Geek Love Photo Contest

Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner. The competition this year was even fiercer than last. Double the amount of entries meant some hopefuls resorted to promoting their photo with full-page spreads in PC Magazine.

Our judges, sequestered in the deepest bowels of the geekdom, were immune to such pandering, and used the most precise scientific methods (darts, flipping coins, random number generators) to come to their final decisions. Last year I said that " ranged from the raunchy to the romantic, from the clever to the uncomfortably arousing." Those comments apply to this year as well.

Once again, I've kept the captions our contestants provided, and added some of the judges' commentary as well. Thanks to all who sent in entries. Below you'll find images that may disturb you, or maybe just squirt coffee out of your nose. Enjoy!

Viewer discretion is advised.

First Prize Winner - I Want Tandy!
Receives a $25 Thinkgeek gift certificate and a copy of
Tell No Tales by Michael P. Higgins

Second Prize Winner - Show Me All Your Discs, Baby!
Receives a BBspot T-shirt and a 2003 Despair Wall Calendar

Honorable Mention #1 - All Tied Up

Honorable Mention #2 - Show Me Your Colors

Honorable Mention #3 - Up All Night

Honorable Mention #4 - The Ol' Yawn-and-Stretch

Honorable Mention #5 - Sleeping with the Atari

Honorable Mention #6 - Virtual Girl

Images were judged on creativity, geekiness, and since this is a humor site the humorosity of the image. Please read the official rules below for, well, what the official rules were.

Official rules: Please send your own image (no Google image searches) with your name and the object of your desire clearly noted to The image must be an actual digital photo, no photochops. No nudity, please - I just ate lunch. No resubmitting last year's entry either ya freaking cheater. By sending in your image you give us rights to display the image on, but we won't use your e-mail address or name unless you want us to. The images needed to be received by February 28th ,2003 to be eligible to win.









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